Marseille Soap Laudry Detergents - 1l - Lavender


Marseille Liquid Laundry Detergent is made the old-fashioned way in a cauldron. It is ecological and allergen-free for effective cleaning of linen. Liquid Laundry Detergent from Marseille gently removes and cleans colors and white, it eliminates bad odors. More than 95% biodegradable, it respects nature and preserves your washing machine. This lavender liquid laundry detergent from Marseille can be used both in the machine and by hand. It is effective even at low temperatures. It contains lavender essential oil for a naturally scented and purified linen. It is formulated without phosphate, without anionic surfactant, EDTA, BHT, paraben, PEG and without bleaching agents and contributes to better color preservation.


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