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French rotating soaps

Born in the 1950's, the French rotating soap was designed to facilitate the use of soap in schools and public places. The soap slides onto the holder in a rotating motion. It is easier to handle, more aesthetic and cleaner. No more soap slipping through your fingers!

This practical and economical object is making a comeback thanks to its elegance and traditional design, which can be offered in three different finishes (brass, shiny stainless steel or matte stainless steel). It will inevitably find its place in your kitchen, your bathroom and this whatever the style of your house. It is also easy to use this scented soap of 270 grams hung on a string and suspended from the faucet in the shower, bathroom or kitchen.

Get back to the soap of your childhood, the one we used to swirl in our hands before washing them. Order online today and get delivered in Canada and the United States!

Simplement la meilleure odeur de la terre!


Moi qui fait toujours des réactions allergiques à tout ce qui est parfumé! Ce savon est simplement incroyable aucune réaction laisse tellement une odeur incroyable et une douceur sans égale ???

By Melissa C. the 03/11/2024 - Savon au beurre de..
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