Rotary Refill Savon de Marseille (Olive Oil) - 270g


Rotary Refill Soap was born around the 1950s to facilitate the use of soap at school. This soap is enriched with Organic Argan Oil which is 100% vegetal based. Argan Oil in an antioxidant that helps prevent drying of the skin. It has a neutral PH balance and is suitable for all skin types. Not tested on animals, eco-Friendly, EDTA free, Paraben free and without surfactant, 100% plant-based. Using with the Rotary Wallmounted soap holder, it supports the soap and it is used the soap with both wet hands. No more soap that slips through your fingers. Rotating, the soap is easier to handle. This Vintage style is economical and ecological. Made in France. Wallmonted soap holder not included, soap available in Lavender, Donkey Milk, Argan Oil, Lemon or Olive Oil.


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