Savon de Marseille Chips - 150g


Marseille soap shavings are the ideal ingredient for washing delicate linen (silk, satin, etc.)

Recipe for doing laundry with Savon de Marseille

Place the Marseille soap flakes in the bucket.

Heat 2 liters of water, immediately pour it into the bucket and stir with the wooden spoon.Add the baking soda to your preparation and mix again.

Let stand for 24 hours. The lye will gel and create a block of soap. Do not worry, it's normal !

Add 1 liter of cold water and mix.

Mix everything well until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Add a few drops of essential oil if desired

Pour your homemade detergent into a container using a funnel.

Shake the container vigorously before each use to homogenize the detergent.

Put the equivalent of 1 cap in each wash, as for a classic detergent.


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