Slice of Marseille Soap - 150g - 72% Olive Oil


This slice is cut in large blocks of 4Kg. Composed of 72% of olive oil. This process creates a hard crust on the outside but the soap remains soft on the inside as it is not compressed, unlike the block. These blocks once removed from these forms are handcrafted in our workshops, where they are cut, stamped, punched and stringed. When drying, soap will lose 10% of its weight and will tend to bend naturally, making each loaf of soap unique. Marseille Soap were been used by our grandmothers, who put at the bottom of their beds to soothe the discomfort of leg cramps due to the presence of soda that was released. For the body, lather the soap directly against wet skin and wash thoroughly with fresh water. Net weight around 150g. Request the official logo registered

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Ingredients : Sodium Olivate, Sodium cocoate; aqua (water), Chlorure de sodium, Hydroxyde de sodium.